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Premium Keyfree Touch 2

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Premium Keyfree Touch 2




Simply touch through the windshield !

The patented KEYFREE TOUCH system allows users to unlock and lock their vehicle by entering personal 4-10 digit PIN CODE through the Keypad that is situated behind the front windshield.
The system utilizes abvanved electro-static touch technology with its own micro-processors for security and reliability




Random Security Code.

  • You can now open your door without revealing PIN code with Random Security Code to safety protect your vehicle.
    The Random Security Code is assigned to be entered before entering the PIN code for more assurance.

Enhanced LED Backlight Feature.

  • If you touch the Random number, LED light up to be easy to touch the PIN Code.

Convenient digital door lock system for your vehicle.

  • To unlock the door, simply enter your personalized 4 to 10 digit access code at the glass over the door.
  • After a valid code is entered, trailing digits can be used to open trunk or any electrically controlled auxiliary device.(Option)

Enhanced security feature with combination of PIN code more than one million.

  • Keyfree Touch can setting the PIN code over one million with the PIN of 4-10digits.
    If you make the PIN code mistake 5 times, the system will be blocked for 10 minutes. Then you can use the system again after 10 minutes.
Negative door lock output
Nagative door unlock output
User Programmable access code
Status LED (Button Touch Confimation)
LED scanning (On/Off)
LED backlight



Passed reliability and durability test in various environment.

  • Keyfree Touch has been tested through extreme weather conditions.
    It can withstand and properly operate through the hot, Windy deserts of Middle East and icy freezing temperatures of Alaska. It obtained FCC certification.

Two AUX Output. (Option)

  • Trunk or sunroof opened with Keyfree Touch !

LED Scanning function. (On/Off)

  • LED Scanning function only works at the door lock status.

Artificial Intelligent Algorithm.

  • Keyfree Touch enhanced artificial Intelligent Algorithm to prevent malfunction in rain, snow and the other natural phenomena.

KEYFREE TOUCH compatible with original remote control or key.

We develiped key free touch act as a slave role.
Remote or car key act as master key, however keyfree touch act as slave role.
So we have three rules as follows

  1. If you lock the door by keyfree touch, you can unlock the door by keyfree touch (O.K)
  2. If you lock the door by keyfree touch, you can unlock the door by remocon or car key (Remocon or car key act as master key)
  3. If you lock the door by remocon or car key, most of the cars cannot unlock the door by keyfree touch (Keyfree touch act as slave key)

Most of the cars ring the alarms

KEYFREE TOUCH well known worldwide.

  • With unique features, user-friendliness, enhanced security such as Random Security Code, Keyfree Touch has been exported to Japan, U.S.A Canada, Mexico, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Greece.

Reliable products with certificates and related 11 patents.




Input power
DC 12V
Current draw
5mA,(Standby), 6mA (LED scan)
KEYFREE output
Nagative door lock, Negative door unlock, Aux 2
Switch Output
Over 1 million cycle (non-contact touch)
Operating temperature
-30˚C~+80˚C (-22˚F ~ +176˚F)
125 (W) X 32 (H) X 6 (D) mm




Still hassling with car keys ? From now on, you can be hassle free with Keyfree system !
When it's inconvenient to carry keys, Enjoying various outdoors activities such as jogging, swimming, hiking, fishing etc, Auto camping, Car sharing.

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